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Holding our balance on a lifeline
Trying not to slip over the edge
Are you the eye of the needle
Am I the knot on the thread

In search of steady reception
The signals starting to sway
Sometimes I think of the future
Sometimes I wish you away

And I am in constant denial
Maybe that’s make believe
Sometimes it’s hard to understand
what I am supposed to feel

I keep on mixing up signals
I keep on worrying still

That there are threads in the fabric
As there are moths around the light
That there is this stain on our patchwork
That makes our signals collide

And as the light starts to fade
The butterflies they go away
I used to keep them in my stomach
I thought they’d never escape

Navigating between wires
Trying to keep things at bay
And I would pluck every last string
If you’d just let me have my way

I would dust of all our memories
Rip open all of our old drawers
I know our flame somehow escaped us
I know that somehow it got lost

Once a mountain, now a cane
We lost our posture, lost our way
But we’re still limping on this road
But we don’t know where it goes

Tiny movements, twisted wills and
Constant slithering thoughts
Holding our balance on a snake tongue
The tip will tear us apart
Holding our balance on a lifeline

So if you’re a needle
And I am nothing but a thread
Could we not stitch our lives together
And wash the dirt stains off our cloth

Catch the moths in our hoop-net
And try to keep love in our heads
Bring back what once was so alive
Look back, undo, restart, rewind

I just wish it never had come to this


from Lifeline, released August 11, 2016




What's Left of the Sun Göteborg, Sweden

Post-hardcore band from Gothenburg - Sweden. Started summer 2013.
Latest single released in August 2016. Working on the next release.

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