The Flickering of Day and Night

by What's Left of the Sun

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released December 16, 2015

All songs written and performed by What's Left of the Sun.Trumpet on "July Nineteenth" played by mysterious Mr. Dan. Backup vocals on "Ouroboros" By Karl Kaardal. Recorded by Karl Kaardal (Pathfinder Productions). Mixed by Dennis Bertilsson. Master by Andrea F. Rea (AFR Productions). No pitch-correction software was used on the vocals of the recording. Thank you to Matthias Törngren for his thoughts and input. Find us on Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram and Twitter. For booking and questions, write to us at: Artwork by Boris Ambroszkiewicz at Crystal Heart Drawings. Sample in "Ouroboros" taken from the film "Teenagers from Outer Space" (1959).



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What's Left of the Sun Göteborg, Sweden

Post-hardcore band from Gothenburg - Sweden. Started summer 2013.
Latest single released in August 2016. Working on the next release.

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Track Name: July Nineteenth
Leave it all behind
With winds forever forward
Past the past
Everything's before us

I'm in the process
I'm grasping the fact that
those days are gone and you're not coming back

Still I am struggling not to look back into the shade, though I know I can't let that haunt me anymore

Everybody has to leave
Chapters swiftly slamming shut
Time is of the essence
Please don't go

So now,
I'm afraid of falling asleep
So I try to stay awake while I dream
But it's hopeless, I'm hopeless it seems
That I believe in nothing

But your picture still appears in the back of my mind
Recreating the past like a cinematic scene

And there's this grappling in my thoughts searching for something to hold on to

I don't want to let you go
But some nights are hard to get through

I'm climbing on glass walls
There is nothing to hold on to
When you're gone, you're gone
You're gone

Still in the process of grasping the fact, that those days are gone and there's no coming back

So if the pain must come,
may it come quickly
So I can leave it all behind, with winds, forever...
Track Name: Burn in the Night
Sleepless, sickness

I haven't been feeling so well
for the last three years
Don't ask me because I couldn't tell
What's happened here

Something's gone wrong in my head
and it keeps me up
Eyes shut wide awake in my bed
Long days, longer nights

When the day sheds it's skin
And the moon is born again
I'm studying my troubled mind,
trying to reshape my brains design

Thoughts racing
Blood rushes to the dome
the pressing feeling
I feel so alone

I am breathing heavy
don't feel so good
a thousand signals
miss understood

When pills aren't working
I wish I could
Find me a strong rope
and sleep for good

I need a door out of reality
My body's a cell
I got no way to leave

There must be more
There must be more to me
I used to be clean
But messed up the chemistry

I need a door out of reality
I can't stay here ensnared in disharmony
Please get me out
Please get me out of me

I'm afraid of what I have become
Nobody knows
No one can see

Set me free

Sleepless, Sickness
Sleepless, Sleepless

I'm seldomly seen
as I burn in the night
Some say move forward
Some say to chase the light

But I have given up on life
I feel my sickness growing
as it is eating me alive

But not quite living
It's in the breath of the wind
It's there but can't be seen

Bound by my sickness shortly
I'd say to
my friends and family I will
wither away.
Track Name: Frank
I don't want to be me
Wrap my arms around the sea

Sitting in a boat
Talking to myself alone
I don't want to be me

I don't want to be me
Track Name: Calm Down
I use a seatbelt just so I have one less thing to worry about
My face on the pavement, my brains spilling out

Overworking myself
There's no rest for the good
and when everyone's counting on me to join in
I really wish I could

Weekdays bleed over weekends
Late nights and early days
My work is neverending
It just never ends

Resting just makes me nervous
The worry makes it worse
What's the point in living
When all you're doing is waiting for the hearse?

I’ve got a burning nail in my heart

Sick to my stomach
I just can't sleep at night
When everything is spinning
I'm losing the fight

Stretched too thin
Pulled apart
This road keeps turning
and this nail keeps pushing in

Too tired to go on
Too weak to fight it off
Above all
I just don't have the time

I’ve got a burning nail in my heart
I welcome the concrete's kiss
Track Name: Ouroboros
Water for our wheels to turn
Grit your teeth and eat your tongue

Shadows on the wall grow weary
the flickering of day and night

Light has thrown a million shadows
So I can see we are the light

It holds us at the center
while our stories glow like embers
in the hearth that is the earth beneath us

Are we the breath between the lines.
on some road out in the night?
It's like we're always out of reach
But we press on

We press on

Light from black, begin again
Devoured past, time won't mend
Someone's start, another's end
This time won't be the last

Measured time, measures time
The dragon's tail is in my mouth

Shadows on the wall grow weary
the flickering of day and night
Light has thrown a million shadows
So you can see we are the light

The flickering