Life Rewinder

by What's Left of the Sun

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released March 21, 2014

Written by What's Left of the Sun

Produced by Robert William-Olsson and Hannes Wijk

Recorded and mixed by Robert William-Olsson

Sound design by Robert William-Olsson

Mastered by Andrea F. Rea

Logo design by Daniel Liljedahl

Layout and cover artwork by David,



all rights reserved


What's Left of the Sun Göteborg, Sweden

Post-hardcore band from Gothenburg - Sweden. Started summer 2013.
Latest single released in August 2016. Working on the next release.

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Track Name: Waking up
And so the window opens
and sunlight stains pale untouched skin
Track Name: Lost in old memories
Values measured out by sounds and smells
Each step rewarded with sights
astonishing to untrained eyes
Still undefiled by obligations
Still a stra nger to remorse

Overwhelmed by the stretch of horizons
I remember it seemed endless to me
Still not sure what I invented
Still not sure what I retrieved

And when I in solitude suffer
I drink from the river of sleep
to forget my surroudings
and set sail for the realm of dreams

Where I'll be
Shaped by surroundings
and colored by innocence

So strange to desire something you can't recall
and to glorify traces on old hazy walls
It seems to wriggle like a necklace
that we proudly carry around our necks.

I keep reminders on my skin
and memories in frames on walls
I lean my head against the trunk
and dream me away from this doubt

When I in solitude suffer
I drink from the river of sleep
to make me forget my surroundings
and set sail to the realm of dreams

Not all my memories are true
just heaps of glass on the floor
Not all my memories are true
but they are all I have
Track Name: Open eyes
These blocks bring back memories
of the very gravel on the streets
where a thousand dreams were born
and shattered at young feet

The feeling in the air here takes me on a solemn trip to my youth

Old paths to new meadows
The winds of misfortune are still screaming in my ears
As autumn leaves tuck the wet asphalt and streets start to hibernate
The cold draws in and the rain hits like nails driving into my skull
As I stare at the future
It's looking so bleak but there's a hint of a feeling
and so the spirit grows

When I needed it the most
the seasons started a motion
climate started to thaw
the river flowed out into the ocean
The cloud ran out of tears
as spring turned into summer
the leaves found their true colors,
streets awakened from their slumber

It was the nudge that I needed
to keep my feet from shaking
to endure this endless weather
and to keep my eyes from mistaking
a clearing in the forest,
or was it an illusion?
I stumbled weary and malnourished to the midst of my confusion

To the eye of my storm
Where my head found peace
And I grew strong enough to carry the weight of the world

Kicked out of the nest to stand alone on trembling legs, dispatched
Courage is the stair all our virtues climb on to, at last
Track Name: Though I never.
I grew accustomed to every page looking the same
And every morning I tell the same story
but every night I dream about change
and I know I might be digging in despondency here
or maybe its just fear

We all get to a certain point in life
when we realize that time has been catching up
that the ropes of fate keep us restrained
but it's far too late to cut them off

And if life is nothing but a breath
then I'm on my way out of its sick lungs
because I've reached the summit of this mountain
and now I'm just descending with the sun

Now I'm just on my way to wither
to watch the fading of my spark
And unlike the trees I still found no one
to carve their letters in my bark

Slowly descending with the sun

I've become a product of my boredom
grown stuck in a rocking chair
And I am cursed by my way of living
and of when the mirror stares
I am disgusted by these habits
but I'm to scared to readjust
so I keep lying to myself
'til I'm the only one I trust

And I wish I had the courage
to peel the bark off all of my skin
and to expose my inner center
and to let the sun shine in
But still it's hard to change
what has been here for so long
and to let go of security
and to step out of my comfort zones

But "someday" has got to come sometime
and I must belong somewhere
So now I am in search of feathers
to embellish myself
To become something more
and pick the anchor off my shelf
and let the roots untie my ankles
and squeeze some light out of this hell

I am in the middle of my journey
half way to where no one wants to be
and I don't know how long I've been here
I couldn't bare to hear it, honestly

I feel my bags are getting heavy
They hold all I claim to know
so my hands are tightly closed around them
because I can't seem to let it go
Track Name: Saw it coming
How fast will the maples turn yellow
and light our walk in the park
To live is to travel a journey
from the roots to the outer bark

The story will end
when the breeze falls asleep
And everything is silent
like tears to a cheek

I've been counting my breaths
in phase with the beating of my heart
It's losing it's rhythm
I'm losing my spark

From the cradle to ash
From the present to the past
From an infant to an elder
I held the beat of my drum for as long as I was able

Life was a book in reverse
the best things came first
but the last chapter was
the first that i found comfort in

The mist will take me away
and we all knew that it would
I almost want it to happen
although it's not what I should

wish for something to come
something useful to be
where I'm wanted again
a place for old eyes to see

You came to visit my bed
Said you missed my voice
That a piece of the puzzle
had just vanished and gone

Life was stripped from my bones
and I could see in your eyes
that you've have been thinking of stones
and what to write on mine

But as time has come to
take what it wants
I can't help to think about
things I've lost

and all ambitions that I
never had time to explore
And looking back at it, honestly there were a lot
I guess no one's ever satisfied with what they've got

I've been thinking of stones

I'm still counting my breaths
but i can hardly hear the beating of my heart
still counting my breaths,
inhale exhale

So now I'm at the bottom of my troubled mind
with a pocket full of borrowed time

I'm still walking down this mountain path
but now I've almost reached the end
And as I sit down on this mound of failures and old dreams
while the sun's last rays warm my face
the same words keep ringing in my ears
we never have enough time

And so it seems
death drilled a hole within in my dreams
and i fell down
And so it seems
there is no cure for this disease
and we're all sick

You will find me inte the past